Dizzying Haze... issues?

I'm having a small problem with my Dizzying Haze. When I click and cast... it doesn't take me out of the AOE cast mode for DH, I'm not entirely sure if this is working as intended, or if I'm just being picky but it feels off. Completely off actually. Every other AOE in the game is click, cast, go back to murdering. But as a Brewmaster I've been avoiding actually using DH almost religiously and just resorting to abusing Keg Smash because it's a much more simple way of distributing my Haze across targets. Plus, Keg Smash seems to be a pretty solid way of collecting AOE aggro. At low levels without a really reliable AOE like Heart Strike, Cleave, or even Hammer of !@#$! it seems problematic to build that AOE aggro quickly.

I mean, this is a low level problem but I can see it becoming an upper level issue when Brewmasters try to spread their Haze with Dizzying Haze and keep clicking across mobs and instead of targeting (because Tab STILL DOESN'T EFFING WORK PROPERLY!) they're just casting DH over and over again.
It's spammable. This is a good thing. It makes tossing a few kegs out as you run in to get a solid foundation of agro so in case you have any hyper active DPS who can't help but open up while you're 20 yards away.

If you want a faster way to dismiss the aoe circle simply use another ability like Keg Smash once in range. It doesn't hurt anything.
Dizzying Haze is only for collecting a lot trash mobs or slowing targets in PvP, nothing else. In fact, according to my Omen, it does not even produce any agro on bosses.
All you need to do to get rid of the AoE targeting from Dizzying Haze is right click. It's just that easy.

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