Lord of the Shado-Pan Quest Glitch

Bug Report
I just completed the quest Lord of the Shado-Pan in which you need to defeat Taran Zhu the corrupted and Sha possessed leader of the Shado-Pan in order to cleanse him of the Sha of Hatred, I died in combat unfortunately but was rezed after the fight only to find I could only target Taran Zhu, I couldn't even turn in the quest! Please someone tell me a way to fix this!
Same thing happened to me. I could see the '?' to turn it in on the map. but that's it.
Just wanted to add that this is still an issue as of a few minutes ago.
Just tried this quest. Defeated Taran Zhu but was still in combat. Could not turn in quest. Question mark was displayed on mini-map but Taran Zhu remained kneeling where we defeated him.
This is still happening apparently, did not die during the fight, I can see the "?" on the minimap but no one will let me turn it in. Taran Zhu and Master Snowdrift are just kneeling and no one has a "?" over their head. My quest log does not say its complete either even though i participated in the whole dungeon.
I defeated him and never got credit for it, so not being able to turn in wouldn't bother me either.

I wasn't dead either.
Still a bug. Saw the ? but no NPC to turn it in to. Even went to the instance on foot to see if the quest giver had moved to the beginning of the instance in a fresh version, but nothing there.
I had the same problem
Completed it twice today and same problem. Saw the ? on him for a split second then gone.
It just happened to me as well.
just happened to me too
And again today. We cleared everything - didnt skip the mod that you can run around. And it does not show us as in battle - we defeated him and waited for him to do his talking and he just stood there and kept bowing like yesterday.
Still happening. Ran into this just a few minutes ago-- my warlock is also having the same problem.
12/12/2012 11:55 AMPosted by Ladinaa
Still happening. Ran into this just a few minutes ago-- my warlock is also having the same problem.

same here.
still happening to me
This is still happening. And the sniper quest in jade forest is still bugged, as well as the general nazgrim quest to kill alliance in jade forest. These have been known bugs since launch. Blizz doesn't care.
Has happened to me twice. Any workarounds that anyone knows?
Stiiiiiiillll happening. I just completed the dungeon and am not able to turn in.
Just happened to me, still glitching. Went through the whole dungeon, get the Question Mark on the minimap, quest doesn't say complete, even though boss was downed.
glad i found this, ran it a few times, abandoned ran again...still bugged

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