Comical disc healing

How to heal a dungeon party as disc (don't try this at home folks):

1 sec in, moderate tank dmg, *whip out crystal ball*...oh noes here comes some big potential dmg

3 sec in, its GO TIME! pop spirit shell and proceed to pour mana into a very deep dark well, big gheals, big gheals!

5 sec in, freak out that mana bar is now half empty and look longingly at mage cakes still sitting in snooty mages pocket.

6 sec in, freak out a bit more that now the trash is now nearly dead and pet (Pete) can't finish his lunch.'s MINE precious!

7 sec in, kick Pete in the hopes of him regurgitating the small morsel of mana he just ate up

8 sec in, try some more efficient healy stuff like holy fire, yeah that should do it... wait, its healing a pet, what?!

9 sec in, stare at your mana bar, trying to get it to budge upward with your psi forces

15 sec in, remember shield gives back mana - joyous rapture... *shield sits on tank, takes dmg but doesn't burst* ... what do you mean you just popped "super-duper-dodge-trinket" Mr. Tank?! I need some mana NOW! How about a Sulfuron Slammer??

25 sec in, try to reason with Mr. tank that switching to berserker stance to make sure the shield busts next time is GOOD for him. Really.

28 sec in, trash finished, wait for out of combat signal and drink faster than a seasoned bar professional for the next trash pull and hope Mr. tank waits and listens to REASON

30 sec in, pop shield on self for the speed boost and run like a fat kid after an icecream truck to catch the rest of the party up

35 sec in, ... revel in joy because the party waited on you. Hey where did the Evangelism stack go?!

36 sec in, finish casting gheal
I laughed, but then I cried. Why won't you please fix disc blizzard.
Most heroics:

1 second in: Follow pillar of angry fire with some furious holy blasts and swirly lazers



15 seconds in: Make the tank take less damage with your suppression field, and fire ALL HOLY MISSILES

20 seconds in: Shift the void and say a quick little prayer

23 seconds in: Infused with power lazers and angry fire and furious holy blasts.

29 seconds in: Shield his soul, Focus and let loose a GREAT HEAL

33.5 seconds in: Lazers, angry fire and maybe some extra furious holy blasts.

40 seconds in: Collect loot and ready yourself for the next easy fight.



Proceed as above until final packs.

1 second in: Suppress your tank's pain, shield his soul, then turn to the essences.

4 seconds in: Desperately hope someone else helps with the essence as you turn to loose a GREAT HEAL on the tank.

8 seconds in: Click on the bear.

8.5 seconds in: Stop clicking on the bear, grow wings, infuse yourself with all the power of the gods and launch into a full assault on the dwindling bars.

18 seconds in: Send in your mindbuddy; click on the bear.

27 seconds in: Sulkily sit and drink after managing to lay the bear to rest and finishing another furious healing bout.

28 seconds in: Squint as the tank edges toward the next group. "NO."

29 seconds in: Link meters and explain why you had to do 50k HPS.

34 seconds in: Do it all over again because no one understood the words kill essence, click bear.
Well played OP, I had a good chuckle, but now I'm back to being sad while I contemplate rerolling FOTM and joining other *shudder* Mistweavers to go back to meter topping.
Power Infusion!

Now I'm casting Heal super fast!

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