October is also National Zombie month.

Moon Guard
all year long Zombies suffer being riddiculed and shot at while they only try to live and what not. well now in October it's National Zombie Awareness Month. or N-ZAM, Zombies are to be treated with respect and dignity, Give a Zombie a brain, Join them in their shambles, Maybe even dress up like a Zombie and walk around town doing the Shamble for a while.

Which ever you do. Zombies are now under protection till the end of October!
s'also my birthday on spookday-of-the-year
My Birthday month; a month of blood, brains, and rock 'n' roll.
There's a couple of zombie walks held in several parts of the word this month.
I love october.
I'm already praying for December.
October is Sp00kymonth
10/06/2012 01:07 AMPosted by Solinii
I'm already praying for December.

i turn 26 in december! 10 days before the apparent apocalypse that technically already happened in 2003 i think the math says
10/06/2012 04:01 AMPosted by Airolexios
October is Sp00kymonth

also my witch birthday on samhain.

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