{A}<Final Hour>LFM

Greetings Darkspear,

<Final Hour> a raiding guild serious about raid progression. Seeks like minded raid ready players.
Core members with experience dating back to vanilla are ready to push through this new content.

Some things you should know~

Raid Times: Tue,Wed,Sun 8-11 server. * we expect players to bring flasks and potions appropriate for your roll"

Know your stuff: We all take our time outside of raid time to watch the videos and read strats about the upcoming boss fights for the night. Know what to expect!

Own your class: We take pride in playing our toons to the best of our ability,and when we find our selves lacking we research how to better our selves,Do what you do,to the best of your ability.

Have fun: This is a game,and we should enjoy it. We have serious fun times in vent and while raiding. ( If you think <Final Hour> could be the raiding home your looking for,feel free to chat with Gnashrak,Pohdoh,Peaf,Krixes.
Thanks for your time today
10/06/2012 12:26 PMPosted by Cowmastr
Alliance side seems to have so much division and constant bad mouthing of each other... Why all the hate n'd discriminate bros?
Who's discriminating? I hate everyone equally, even members of my own guild.
Need heally drood.
Need a Plate tank preferably a warrior or pally.
Boomkin with heally offspec gogo
Bump. Don't really NEED anything at this point, but our DPS sucks (besides me) so if you're promazing like myself you should app anyway. Tell them Fedelis said you're replacing Loki.
I laughed so hard i think i pissed myself, please and thanks.

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