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So, you're doing your Cloud Serpent dailies, you go to turn them in, but oh no! An enemy faction player came onto your mouseclick as you clicked the quest giver. Oh no! You have an arboretum defender killing you! Oh dear! You are dead!

And now you're at the graveyard on the tall island, in the middle of the ocean, with no flying mount while dead.

Have fun with that corpse run!

Seriously, can we get this changed?
10/05/2012 10:20 PMPosted by Astasia
Enjoy your 10% increased runspeed!

Surely you know my plight.
If you head south from the graveyard spire you can find a ramp along the coastline...Still we could use ghost flying like in Northrend and such!
This needs to be changed...
Died to that stupid Hotfoot guy. Released.

Yeah, I was pissed.
You might as well just take the rez sickness, it takes that long to run back to your body.

Some Blizzard designer out there thought he'd make this poetic lovely graveyard on an island, without stopping to think "Hey, what happens if people actually were to use this?"

Pretty fail.
This was bad enough when we had 100%+ dead run speed, i have since then gotten my serpent and do not go near there, however with only 10%+ speed buff i can imagine thew long water run north to climb the cliffs and south to get back to your body must be arduous.
its like a 2 minute run just jump off south and before you hit the bridge theres a ramp up and boom your back at the arboretum just like that. found this out the hard way when i complained about the same issue after taking quite a few rez sicknesses
How about this one: If someone ganks you while you're killing Aetha for your Golden Lotus dailies. I believe it is truely impossible to get back up the mountain to rez. Considering it's the perfect place for ganking (Elite mob for daily quest), something should probably be done about that one.
You can run back to arboretum in like 15 seconds. The ramp up is at the mouth of the river to the south of the Arboretum.
Getting down from there is no problem.

Try dying on top of the rock pillars in the area... then you are screwed.
Bumping for mini-sanctuary zones at daily quest hubs, which is the root of this problem.

There's so much griefing from players just going afk on their largest flying mount right on top of all the quest givers at basically all hubs (most notably Arboretum and Golden Pagoda).

edit: inb4 "just /tar and bind interact with target"


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