Cheating in WSG- 2 caps under 1 minute

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guy just capped 2 flags under a minute infact he capture horde flag when we were about to ride off the graveyard area for the first time.

Saw him mid field on the 3rd cap he was porting about 2-3 the distance of blink instantly.
And did you report him? Not much going to be done about it on the forums.
Yes, similar thing happened to us about 4 hours ago. All us reported him & yet he is still levelling 4+ hours later.

Disappointed to learn game hackers don't get permanent bans. Especially as he gloated that he didn't care as it was just a trial account, when I spoke to him.

People use forum's, when it takes over 4 days for a GM response & reporting person for game hacking & he is still using that character 4 hours later.
Keep in mind that Blizzard doesn't always shut down hackers instantly. Sometimes they track and observe them in an effort to understand how the hack is taking place. They can't fix the issue if they don't fully understand why it's occurring.
Thank you for your response, Vaugn. I do hope that is the reasoning behind the delay in action.

For me the most disappointing thing is the short bans seemingly imposed on these individuals. I think if you cheat a ban should be permanent. Especially if altering Blizzard software in a manner contrary to company rights is what I thought illegal or at the very least unacceptable .

I am annoyed that this person who is not good enough to play within in the rules will probably escape with just a 3 day ban (especially in this case he states it is a trial account). To me this sends the wrong message!

If we pay for game time and report these cheats then retribution should be more severe than a few days.
Yes, similar thing happened to us about 4 hours ago. All us reported him & yet he is still levelling 4+ hours later

Sometimes they don't take action until the exploit is fixed. They did that with the AB gate jumping a few years ago, and did a mass banning once it had been fixed.

Everything is logged. Once you exploit you are bound to get caught. Even if you don't get hit right away.
I hope so, thank you too for your response, Simplyred.
Also, they like to do waves so that everyone using a new version of some hack program gets caught doing it. If they ban the early adopters of it, then word gets out and people wait for another new one, and Blizzard bans less people.

Well this particular person has 24/24 wins in not going to bother with that bg again for a while.

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