Looking for double rogue 2s fun or 5s

I leveled a rogue on horde so I could enjoy all the ganking and griefing I want. Sadly little did I know everyone would xfer off and now I cant even get my self gemmed or enchanted let alone find an arena partner for t2 weps (or even at all).
It sucks immensely but I'm probably going to xfer to alliance so I don't have to suffer through life.

I'm 2300 exp on this dk but have no exp on rogue so I won't ask for 2.2k 3s but I am interested in some double rogue 2s fun or a 5s team that actually plays.
Rogue burst is redonkulous and I like being able to reset and wait for cds and be chill.
I'm looking for someone that plays a lot and has as least SOME exp.
I want to find someone before I xfer over. Thanks.
I'll be transferring to KT Horde today, hit me up in game after server restart.

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