I'm worried about our class.

With how over powered BM is in pvp, and how low our damage is in pve, I'm concerned that hunters will be getting nerfed hard (blizzard usually overdoes it with innital nerfs, take the surv nerf before firelands for example) in the up-coming 5.1 patch. I do agree that BM is doing amazing amazing in pvp right now, but BM is also the top pve spec, with surv falling just behind it in damage. I don't want hunters to become a joke in pve just because they're too strong in pvp.

I'd also like to make a quick note; I've been a hunter for over 3 years now, and I'm not coming from the "hunterz need buffs cuz were not toping the chartz" standpoint. I'm mainly concerned with our class only being good in pvp and downright horrible in pve.

Anyone agree/disagree? Also, if by chance blizzard reads this thread, anyone have any suggestions to solve the pvp issue while making hunters better in pve?
gonna be 3.08 all over again.
Hunters will be horrible if they nerf BM's damage.

But so far I haven't seen or heard of any hunters even being able to keep up with locks or ret paladins.

Everyone needs to calm down though, and have comfort in the thought that there's a 99% chance warriors will be nerfed and not us.

If anyone needs to be toned down, it's them.
Personally, I think pvp is just unbalanced in general right now. I've had ele shamans be able to kill me in less then 3 seconds. Locks and warriors are also able to burst me down extremely fast. If anything, I'd just like to see a nerf to pvp damage/burst without affecting pve damage. Something along the lines of scaling resillience higher, or toning down pvp power.
I've been posting about this since well before 5.0.4, and i got alot of "you're dumb you dont know what you're talking about" or "!@#$ noob". I played beta. I played with full pvp gear vs people in full pvp gear. Its not our normal damage that is OP. Its the ability to reset dps cds with readiness. Remove that and leave readiness as a utility spell. Then balance hunters damage based off that (which would allow you to increase their sustained damage to put them more inline with PVE, while lowering the pvp QQ because the burst wont be as instane). Do i like using readiness with huge burst back to back. You're damn right i do. But i don't want to be dead last in arena or RBGs. Hunters have been there long enough. Its time to start coming up with ideas to fix this, not fight it, so we have something left to enjoy.
I'm worried too.

But I may be the only remaiining MM hunter in PVP.

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