Suggestion for Profession?

Herro! :D I've decided to dust off my Shammy. Even went ahead and spent money transferring her to my main server. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to play the spec again XD but I'd like to start working on her professions during my down time.

Right now, she's Mining (403) and Blacksmithing (369), but I'd really like to get rid of mining.

I already have an Enchanter, Scribe, Alchemist, Tailoring (though the last two have yet to be transferred), another Miner (at 467), and a Jewelcrafter (517).

I'm tempted to go JC and just have two of them. Or would Leatherworking be better? Any input would be awesome :D
Tailoring and Engineering are both pretty strong.

The Engineering glove tinker now stacks with enchants, so it's a nice on-use trinket you can pop once a minute. Definitely great for DPS, and a nice throughput CD for healing. If you're mostly going to play Elemental, I'd go with Engineering

Darkglow is a very solid regen enchant. It might become less valuable as we progress through tiers, since mana issues are always worst at the beginning, but then there's always Lightweave to fall back on. Of course, since it's so cheap, you can always swap them for different fights. The ultra-cheap leg thread is nice too.

LW gives you the standard Intellect bonus that most professions give via the wrist enchant. The epic crafted gear is nice, but since it's BoE, you can just buy it or have it crafted for you.
LW and engineering

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