How are prot pallies in MoP?

I havent played in two months and in those two months mists came out and a hotfix. So how is threat doing? I have an 85 pally and group mobs were fine UNLESS dps attacked first but I could get threat back easily. But now I hear bad things like low damage and holding aggro is harder than cata and no more R.D. which I used for my healer when he was taking aggro. So other than that how are pallies?
Tanked through my first couple of dungeons yesterday, the only threat issues I had was not turning on RF on the first pull because I switched spec (head held in shame), other than that I have been enjoying the Prot I have played. Granted I am not in raids.
Holding aggro is harder than Cataclysm, yes, but not hard. It just require more input than auto-attacking bosses and using Hammer of the Righteous once or twice on AoE pulls.

Our damage depends on content level. In the five-man dungeons I've tanked so far, I do about half the DPS that DPS do on bosses (even with or considerably higher than DPS on trash). Due to the way Vengeance works now, though, our damage in raids is insanely high.

EDIT: Not half...closer to 70-80%, probably, unless the DPS is really good.
I've been tanking some heroics. Enjoyed it so far. I've reforged etc to hit/expertise, so it really helps threat and I can choose when I want to hit Shield of the Righteous.

Everything seems fine, though. I genuinely feel that I have a choice when it comes to what skills to use, rather than mashing a rotation. And I *love* my glyph that makes consecration target-able.
How are prot pallys for leveling, compared to holy and ret?
Levelling was a pain when it came to dps. But from what I hear it wasn't as bad as I thought.

However, when you're levelling you should be fighting multiple mobs at once. You're wasting abilities if you're doing it 1v1. I found it best to pull as many as it took for me to need to throw out one or two WOGs during the fight.
Once you hit 90 we are amazing plain and simple. At first I really disliked many of the changes, I still !@#$% on a daily basis about the loss of righteous defense, but pretty good. 85-90 you might notice a bit of agro issues on warriors etc that are above you in level.
The only problem ive really had with threat is stupid pet taunts. Other than that its pretty much alot better then it was before imo
10/07/2012 10:51 AMPosted by Liangrongnu
only problem ive really had with threat is stupid pet taunts

Huntards are huntards, for my part i do only Tank, and yesterday we almost downed first boss in raid, just lacking of dps cuz we went up to the enrage. Pally tank are very cool to play if you build it correctly, threat problem is only caused by retarded dps that attack at the same time you pull, and its very e-z to keep mobs on you and just dps them, also, Pally tank are top dps :P!
I'm loving the 5 man content so far and can report that prot pallies are in a very good place right now.

Protip - Run with seal of insight for 5 man content and the battle healer glyph, use your AOE regularly (LOVE the changes to consecrate btw!) and you'll be back to 1 vs 10 giggles in no time.

Probably the most fun I've had with this class / spec since the start of wrath.

That said, we're a LOT more defensive now - bubbles, self heals off CD and lots of AOE healing for ourselves and our raids. Different, but 'feels' a lot more like you'd expect a paladin class to be - a 'battle healer'

Love it.
10/07/2012 10:51 AMPosted by Liangrongnu
The only problem ive really had with threat is stupid pet taunts. Other than that its pretty much alot better then it was before imo

Its not really a problem, if the hunter wants to get his pet killed let him, boss comes back to you eventually anyway. I've learned to just roll my eyes and truck on.

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