Changing computers resets macros, keybinds

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Hi there.

So I've got WoW on my Windows 7 desktop computer and my 2007 Macbook Pro. I do most of my gaming on my PC, but occasionally when I leave town or am off at school I use my laptop. My issue arises when logging on to play on my PC after my laptop.

I understand that most macros are stored on WoW's files on the computer itself so when I log onto my laptop I have to deal with my old un-updated macros. Alright, that's fine. The problem is when I log back on later with my PC all of my macros and some key bindings are reset to their pre-4.3 counterparts. I mean, what?

Is it something that makes my Mac's macros overwrite the newer and more updated PC ones? I'm getting awfully frustrated with redoing them every time I want to play on one or the other.
I had this posted in Tech Support as well but I received no input.
It just keeps going and going and going.
Sad gnome.
On my laptop, started up WoW, logged in, still had all of my old macros (from my laptop), none of the ones I'd updated on my PC. I'll check and see if anything's changed when I get home.
Yup, reset it =\

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