[A-RP] Conclave of Azora - Mage Academy RP

Wyrmrest Accord
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10/10/2012 11:39 PMPosted by Westock
Whoa, this is the kind of mage RP that I've been looking for! I'd be so down!

Feelin' the love.
*hip checks the thread* Bump!
And what do you think you're doing on the second page?


Seems like an awesome guild! I hope Elarian will get to interact with you guys when I move him to Alliance after 5.1!
Sounds like the kind of opportunity my character has been looking for. I applied at the website.
I still have cookies.
Bump and applied as well. Awesome concept and well put together structure from what I have seen on the website.
Bump! And thank you both for applying! Someone will be with you soon.
Can non guild members attend classes?
You can audit classes. It's just getting in contact with the professor for that class, and seeing if it's an open or closed event.
Conjuration 101! Anyone is welcome, for our first class I'll be teaching everyone to make toast. Then will get around to magic...
Oh good this guild's still around! I lack heirlooms on WrA, but I have a mage. Wanna be some of the few people who don't abuse CRZ and invite me to some of your events? I simply love having smart characters.

Looks awesome, I might have to send an application...

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