[A-RP] Conclave of Azora - Mage Academy RP

Wyrmrest Accord
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Hope everyone has a good day, WoW Forums!
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*Bumps* Really promising looking guild. It's good to see so many structured guilds on the alliance side, and we could always use a new Jaina Proudmore. :D No teasing, nice outfit. Don't have a mage to join you, but I do hope we cross paths to RP someday.
If you look at our website, the Conclave isn't solely for Magical folk! We have room for Armsmen and Spellbreakers as well. Please read through it, we're always looking for new people to come hang out with us. We enjoy making new friends and have diversity in our RP storylines/interactions. =D
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And now for someone completely different.
Classes start tomorrow... People should drop in and check it out.
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First night of classes went well! If you wish to audit them please use website to find the instructor of the class you wish to learn, and find out when they are teaching.
Westock's Conjuration course continues on Friday next week at 6:00pm server time. Will be heading to Deadwind Pass to explore some of the mysterious magical properties surrounding Karazhan!
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Trololol, We love ya gals and guys!! Keep on keeping on, you hold a lot of promise!
When you need a battlemage lemme know! <3~<3~<3

This concept, I love it. I might fiddle around a bit with my new mage and see about poking you guys!

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