'ello there guys!

Death Knight
Any qq's you guys experiencing j/w?
Just wondering, DK すきですか.

So, reading all other class forums, you guys qqing at all of any nerfs/buffs? Just wondering, since i read a few topics here and didnt come across one.....
Not really.
ah ok. Awesome. Thanks for the input.
Nice! haha another fellow nihongo speaker. thanks. :)
I feel like you guys are calling me fat while I don't understand it, makes me feel fairly bad.
HAHA he wrote なに (nani) which means what? or huh? I wrote DKすきですか, meaning you like dk?

It feels good to go on to other class forums for the hell of it, rogue forums is full of qq... so tired of it.... haha
My Spriest friend won't stop telling me DK's are OP.

It's kind of funny.
You have no idea.
Spriest saying you guys are op....makes me think of red bull telling aquafina commercials that they give more energy.... /rofl
I love the new conquest armor. I want to wear it.
10/06/2012 06:57 PMPosted by Pushßutton
I love the new conquest armor. I want to wear it.

I like the 2200 gear the best. Sadly, I will never get it.
I dont know how to die.


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