Mass Spell Reflect

To be honest, I don't plan on doing much with this character except questing and maybe scenarios.

So, I was looking into my future talents with that mindset and came upon Mass Spell Reflection. Everything else in the tier seemed to require party members, but this seemed interesting.

My question is: Does it replace your normal spell reflect, or does it give you a second spell reflect ability? If it replaces the normal one, then I might as well pick one of the others and just keep it off my actionbars, but if it gives you a second one (albeit with a longer cooldown), then it might come in handy every now and then.

Looking back, I notice it doesn't have the "Replaces ______" like Safeguard does, but I just want to be absolutely sure.
Nope mass spell reflect does not replace anything it's a second additional raid wide spell reflect.
Very nice, thank you :)

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