Scenaturday bug?

Bug Report
So.. Just did all the scenarios today, no achievement? Been waiting around and relogging and such for a bit now to see if it will like, activate.. And to no avail.

Really, Really Annoying.
Ditto. All three of us put in tickets. We both randomed and specificed the scenarios but none of them were highlighted on the achievement list. We were able to get other achievements and the scenario achievements themeselves but no Scenaturday.

Also feel annoyed but I am not suprised there are some bugs.

This has happened past Saturday and this Saturday again. Still no fix.
It's very annoying to do all the scenarios and not get the achievement. I'm glad I'm not the only one having this issue. I thought it might have been just me.
This is the reply I got from my ticket...


We’d like to thank-you for contacting us regarding your in-game concern.

We’d like to start by saying that after reviewing your petition we are sorry to tell you that we are not able to assist with your request. When petitioning in about an achievement issue; please understand that all achievements must be completed in-game. Even if you believe that you completed the requirements for the achievement (like defeating a heroic boss) we are still unable to give you credit. You will need to complete the run again.

Lastly, if you are looking for information about completing an achievement, we cannot give you hints regarding requirements to complete an achievement.

Blizzard Entertainment Support

Sigh...not even a mention of a bug. Just tries to make me think we did something incorrect. Has anyone gotten the achieve?
Ailislea, if you're unhappy with the GM's response, please send a feedback email to from your email. There IS some sort of a bug with the achievement not being granted, even if some of the GMs didn't get the memo. Feel free to post a detailed report here, where the QA team can receive your report directly. =)
Same trouble here as well
same bug, did them all random, then even went through and did them specifically, none light up when i complete them, please blues post something on this, give us some sort of heads up on if it is a bug and if so if it is being addressed?

ty =)
I reported this multiple times in beta and yet it went live with 5.0.4. Still not fixed 3 weeks into MoP release.
They wont even acknowledge its a bug in tickets. Waste of time imo.
I'm having the same problem: no credit for scenarios completed on Saturdays.

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