LF a macro addon and a CD addon

UI and Macro
First, is there an addon that lets me create more macros.

Second, is there an addon similar to OmniCC that'll let me track the CD of all the abilities bound to a key (via modifier and click macros). For example, it might use a different colored sweep for each ability (say black for default and red for control)?

In the meantime, I'm going to try SexyCooldown to see if I can get used to it.
You can use something like MacroBank to have all the macros you want, which you can then swap in and out of available blizzard macro slots as needed.

Some mods also have a built in separate macro database that you can use in game, independent of blizzard macro menu, like BindPad, Ion and Vuhdo.

Not sure what you mean about CDs. When you press shift, your macro icon should switch to whatever your shift ability is. Why do you need a different color for it?

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