Leveling fatigue, does it happen to you?

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So i started at 1 with this guy, and now i'm half a level from cap, i find myself extremley irritable, maybe its coming from playing this game like 5+ hours a day on a daily basis so i can be at appropriate level for my guild's first raid, but last couple days i've had a giant chip on my shoulder regarding my fellow gamers, i get snappy, take everything personally, and get bothered by every little thing.

I play on a pvp server, and normally world pvp doesnt bother me, and i find matches between similliarly leveled players and myself as really exciting, hell that's why i'm on a pvp server. Hell, being camped at level 60 on hell fire was no big deal, but today, like the slightest thing that gets in my way makes me rage a ton.

I'm mainly posting this to see if anyone else experiances this... that if you just play and play and play with a time pressure constraint placed on you.. do you start to get irritable?
I was going to get to 90 tonight, but some stupid argument that in retrospect shouldent have bothered me at all led me to ragequitting for the night ><
I think it's aggravating when you get closer to the finish line. So close yet so far away.
I know what you mean. I've gotten to 90 finally and have lost interest in doing anything on this toon. I know in a week or so I'll be ready to get to dailies, but the grind does get to me too. So I'd suggest taking a little break and then you'll enjoy playing again. Stress isn't good for anyone.
Think you just need a break is all imo, leveling can be stressful sometimes.
Personally I can only get half way to max at most before getting seriously burnt out on whatever I was trying to level, and it only gets worse every time they add 5 or 10 more levels, I pity the players with aspirations to raid as Monks right after the expansion release.
10/06/2012 10:17 PMPosted by Wargall
Think you just need a break is all imo, leveling can be stressful sometimes.

yeah i'd have never played this much if i wasn't facing a time crunch. I have to get to 90 this weekend to have time to farm gear for our raid next weekend. sort of the price i pay for dropping my blood dk for this guy as a tank.

It'll be worth it eventually, for all the "AMG RAGE" im going th rough right now, this class really is incredibly fun to tank with, requiring much more concentration than the other tank classes did in cataclysm (dont know if its changed now by much, sure hope so!) It brings back a little bit of that feeling you had when warrior tanking back in pre-bc era, where stance switching was a viable thing to do for veteran tanks.

I think the flip side of that is that having to watch all these buffs all the time is kind of contributing to the leveling fatigue.
Yeah i think what i'm going to do is kill guild chat tomorrow and power my way to 90 and start my dalies. once done, turn this game off for awhile :P

Grind dailies every day, but take a day or two off of hitting the grindstone hard for gear.
Cause people are trying to level fast and getting burned out. Just relax and enjoy the beautiful world Blizzard has created. Just take your time and enjoy the game you'll eventually get to lvl 90.
It's coming from playing this game like 5+ hours a day on a daily basis.
Yes. I rushed to 90 on my mage. Now that I'm geared (to start raiding anyway) I can relax a bit, take the scenery in, and have fun leveling my alts. If you're bored or stressed take some time off to do whatever you want
Felt the same way getting my shaman to 90. By 89 I was pissy, angry, and wanted to fight with everyone in my guild due to the fact I was up for 11+ hours grinding to 90. I took a few days off of wow, refreshed myself, slept, showered, and had a decent meal and came back feeling much better. I'd say take a break, go outside, get some fresh air for a while, read a book, rest your eyes, be alone if it helps or hang with IRL friends and shoot the !@#$, then come back.
Sloooow doooown...
I just finally dinged 90 myself, I was starting to get that way, but my irritability is probably coming from other sources. I do feel a tad burnt out though, and will be taking a small break to idly profession/pet battle until I hit the dailies.

Going from 1-90 has worn on me. @_@
I got tired of my warlock because I was in a dungeon with a priest that wouldn't stop spamming me with levitate. I asked him politely, then I got mad, then I reported him for "spamming". He still didn't stop, not even when the last boss was dead.

So, I'm going to work on a Draenei Monk.
Only 23,000,000 and some odd experience points to go.

10/06/2012 10:50 PMPosted by Cowmoo
It's coming from playing this game like 5+ hours a day on a daily basis.

I play for hours every day but I rarely make much progress cos I just fool around. I am juggling about 20 alts right now.

Never get tired of it.
I rushed this character from 85-90 in 1 day and by the end of the day I just felt like I wanted to punch my monitor. I now HATE Dread Wastes because thats where I was when I was super tired and ready to be 90 already. Just sloooow doooown and enjoy. That's what I should've done.
I'm already getting burnt out at 87, it's just so far away, all I really want anymore aside from pet battles is to just be 90 already so I can raid and when not raiding camp the BMAH incase something interesting appears.

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