Twilight Ward armor set&spellsteal.

The 4 set bonus is what makes twilight ward absorb all schools of magic. Spell steal should not benefit from our armor bonus. If twilight ward is taken, they should only get the original holy and shadow absorb. Not all schools. It's silly enough that they can steal things that can't benefit them in any way. Like backdraft.
Just a thought. Anyone agree?
I mostly agree that I hate Spellsteal from the concept on up.
I normally avoid that "OP" word like the plague, but for all the years I played a mage, nothing felt more ridiculous than spellsteal... especially at 85 in 5.0.

I just assumed it'd be toned down when mages hit 90 and their mana regen became less hilarious. Did it not? I honestly don't think I've heard the spell once since I hit 90.
I think it's fine. Spellsteal is just a dispel with extra benefits tacked onto for the Mage class.

It wouldn't be very plausible to change it back when they spell steal it either, as Twilight Ward with 4-pc and without are actually two different spells replacing one another similar to demon summons with GoSup.
I hate Spellsteal.

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