To much CC

Loseing controll of your toon isnot fun. Getting chain cced is just flat out stuipd and agrivateing. One thing SWTOR did right was put a resolve bar in for pvp. After you get cced a bit you get pissed and become imune to it. wow could really use something like that.
No. If you are waist deep in CC then you either ran off alone, and deserve to get mowed down, or your team isn't helping you, and you deserve to lose as a team. What you are describing would encourage more people to go solo. Play as a team, and win as a team.
WTF diminishing returns is gone so. we get a 2 min cooldown trinket or everyman for himself

and about 3 mins of cc not stop we need a 15 to 45 sec trinket for the mount of cc to make it balanced quit messing with the classes and start messing with the trinkets and gear i . want a 4 peice set bonus that reduces CC effects i care less about pvp power
10/06/2012 11:20 PMPosted by Gróon
Loseing controll of your toon isnot fun.

This might blow your mind, but stay with me. You can make other's lose control of their toons too!

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