Relic of Chi Ji animation & Light of Dawn

Bug Report
I just got my darkmoon card and it is obnoxiously bright when you use light of dawn. It's the same kind of proc as you get with Ai-Li's Skymirror and sure enough the really large, blinding ray of light is the same also. This is going to be so distracting in raids, as it hurts to even look at. If there's ever a situation where we need to stack up tightly no one is even going to be able to see past my AoE.

Please, please, please fix this asap.

Here is a screenshot for an example:
I can also confirm this is happening..

Halp blizz it hurts us!
Please please please fix this. It's honestly painful to the entire raid, especially when stacked. It's become nauseating to LoD for me right now.
Its distracting and makes it impossible to see when you're stacked. Please fix this! :)

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