why do our pets not show up on armoury?

Pet Battles
Just curious as to when this will be fixed. It has been like this since Mop came out and our characters show us as having zero companions/battle pets, pretty annoying for those of us who do collect them or want to help mates out and give them pets, but cannot see what they have and dont have :)
This is odd as I can armoury myself, some friends, and some guildmates and I was able to view their pets and mounts with no issues.
Its just a little slow to update.
mmm i know a few on Warcraft pets had them same issue. even thorough guildox it shows alot of peoples toons as having zero companions.. very weird.
solreya and nakkaru i can see your pets no problem .. :( strange anyone else having this issue
Blizz, can i get some help on this please, i have so far collected 276 pets got the achieves and did all the learning from trainer yet i cannot still my pets on armory? i can see some people and and not others to. is this a bug or is there something else in game that i have missed???
Known bug that they have not been able to fix yet (its been several weeks.)

I could say derogatory comments about the quality of their engineers but I will be nice ;)
Mine don't show up either.
im glad it not just me then being stupid.. FIX IT PLEASE BLIZZZ IT ANNOYING as hell :)
Mine dont show up either =(
Only my lvl 21 Crimson Moth refuses to show up. I can see all the others. O.o
still awaiting :( mr blizz
so i made a new toon, on the pvp realm and all my CE or account wide pets, that i get in the mail box i learned and are showing up i dont get it lol
still nothing maybe i should relearn them all again rofl... blizz come on can you give some sort of answer because nothing i catch shows up on armory at all, and im not the only person here.

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