Looking 4 a mature,casual all interest guild!

Earthen Ring
I just landed on this server and I am currently looking for a home filled with like minded people! I am in search of a guild that has interests in all avenues of the game even though I am more PVP orientated :) I am in the noob stage of RP and PVE , but enjoy dabbling in them at this point :)

I am looking for a non-elitist, friendly, casual guild with experienced leadership and a mature core.

I like to log-in to play and enjoy myself, not to jump through hoops and exist for anothers ego or to be just a number taking up a spot in an antisocial guild.

I am a very supportive guildy, and help whenever I can. I have experience in guild leadership and such so I look for quality not quantity. I look for community not greed. I look for fun times not " me me me " look what I can do! " environments :)

Please help point me in the right direction? Pretty please??? With Murlocs on top?
Sounds like AIE, they may be right up your alley.

To apply:
Excellent! I appreciate your help!!!

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