Farming instant respawns for motes

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So I noticed yesterday, that there were people down in Guo-Lai Halls farming the 2 stone guardians. Apparently they are instant respawn, making it so that it is amazingly fast to farm up motes. I wonder how long until blizzard nerfs this? This can't be intentional. On top of it, the mobs are skinnable for yet another place to skin tons of leather.

Out of curiosity, past 2 days when im near I head down to see if people are farming it, and there are always 2 people(usually from same guild, but not always the same guild) farming it massively. It is funny when people get defensive about others trying to get in on it.
Okie 2 zones have problems.

Vale of the eternal blossoms and Valley of the four winds.

The city hubs are in vale and halfhill is in valley

Both of these drive the zone population through the roof, there are ALOT of instant respawn areas in both zones because of this.
people ive asked that are farming it say that they are farming skyshards/ guo-lai keys rather than motes.
Yep. Keys drop like crazy doing this. I sat there and skinned while two guys did this. Yes you can still skin these two. Those two guys got 34 keys in about three hours.

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