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Hello, I was trying to login to wow earlier today and it just says 'connecting' please help it wont actually connect, thanks
And yes my internet is fine its 5 bars
Rolling restarts
The realms may take no more than 15 min. but evidentally the login server is going to need more love.
I was hoping it was just a rolling restart problem. *waits it out*
Thanks! My bad I Thought it was saturday!
Its not just rolling restarts, I'm in vent with a friend who is currently loged into our server, meanwhile I'm stuck at connecting. There's some other issue going on here.
Evidently the servers are using the same nerfed corpse run perk us players are. :)
Same thing here. My brother on my server yet i can't log in =/
I'm think'n somebody forgot to flip a switch on the login server.

*knocks on the glass* Hello? Anybody home?

Keep in mind I'd much rather have multiple server resets, than an 8 hr. maint. window.
Eh, realms back up & I am still stuck at connecting :/
I love it when you try to fix things blizz when in reality all you seem to do is make things worse 15 minutes downtime my !@#
Evidently it is brother has been on for 10 minutes and I am still conencting on the same server (Shadow Council)
I am also stuck at the connecting screen on executus... Anyone else have trouble connecting to that server?
Oh guys, it's not just World of Warcraft. Starcraft 2 is also unable to logged onto. However, Diablo 3 works fine. Doesn't make sense.

Same problem here on Darrowmere.
This happened last week or week before took 10 to 20 min to connect after rolling restart.
Cant connect on executus

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