Boomkin raid performance help

Hihi, we have a great player in our guild who is a boomkin who is currently a bit low on the charts and I wanted to see if there is anything else he can do to up his dps (there are others also low, and I am helping them separately).

He is in 453 gear, which I think may be some or all of it, as most of our other dps is over 460:

Longer Feng wipes:

I would like to see our dps sitting minimum at 35k, ideally close to 40k. Any suggestions you guys might have as to anything he could be doing better would be greatly appreciated. I know boomies are struggling right now (we have another longtime boomkin player who pretty much swore off the spec in favor of tank and heals), but I don't want to make any assumptions about him.

Thank you for whatever time spent helping us out you are able to offer!
I've only done the fight a few times but I think I pulled around 46k. That means I'm no expert but I could offer a few tips.

1) Who is he symbiosis-ing? A rogue will let him increase his DPS time for this fight, both in P1 and P3 cloak of shadows lets you ignore quake/barrage and just keep on plugging away at the boss.

2) He's got a lot of misses, which are spells going off during one of your un-shrouded earthquakes. It's not a big deal to sit and wrath or starfire during an unshielded quake but ideally you shouldn't be using starsurge or starfall. It just gets wasted.

3) Where is he standing? A lot of people over-react to mechanics the first time they see them. In P1 we were spreading out a bit because of the ball lightning, but some people took that to mean running halfway across the room. If you're confident you can dodge it, just stay in the center the entire time and take 2 steps to the right if he happens to throw it at you. There really is minimal movement for P1 and 2.

4) His gear could be much improved.

5) just keep in mind this fight has a lot of RNG to it as well. If he gets the wildfire a lot his DPS is going to drop dramatically at not fault of his own.


As a side note I know most theorycraft puts us at wanting to go all crit/mastery where we can but rawr was ranking haste as better right up until about 2000 rating. I don't know why that is as we aren't supposed to have any kind of plateau there but I did notice my DPS improved markedly by hitting that before pumping crit again. I think most of his problems are gear, but the first week everyone is still learning the fights and I'm sure he'll get more efficient.
For a weapon at least make him get the 450 staff that's a quest reward for doing the scenario at the tiger temple. For boots he should have the free 476 pair you get from the quest item dropped by Sha of Anger, 100% drop rate for everyone the first time. So gear is an issue.

After that he just has to minimize his movement since boomkin have no good option for movement dps.
Brutally honest, take nothing personal.
He's not ready to be raiding. He needs better gear. No enchants. Current glyphs are not recommended for raiding. A minute attempt to reforge properly, if any. His DOT uptimes are beyond terrible. Cycling Eclipse very, very poorly -- slowly.

Simple fixes:
- Get more gear. Preference :: Crit >> Hit/Spirit > Haste
- Reforge :: Hit Cap > Crit > Haste > Mastery
- Always refresh Eclipsed DOT before leaving Eclipse.
Well he's in his resto spec right now, so it's hard to tell what gear he also uses for balance and what his various caps look like.

If he's really at 453 ilvl, and most of the gear in his armory are what he uses for moonkin, that's a big part of the problem and he just needs to gear up a bit more. Also, nothing is enchanted, even with cheap enchants. Not ideal for stepping into a raid, even if you still have greens.
You guys are officially one of the most helpful classes. Cheers! I will definitely be able to put all of this (including the brutal honesty!) to good use.

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