My first pvp video

This is my first try at this. I just put a couple of recorded scenes together where I do end up getting more owned by horde. Anyway for a first time video, it looks good. Let me know what you guys think.
You lost me when you had to click off your mount to attack someone who is attacking another mob then once you frost jawed the hunter you casted a full pyroblast and what sealed the deal was after that pyroblast was casted YOU BACKPEDDLED at 20 seconds in, so i turned off the video.
Girl you trollin'
Please learn to not backpeddle and click. thx D;
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Please learn to not backpeddle and click. thx D;

I can't keybind all my spells nor do i want to....
Pretty awful for the following:

1. You died a lot most PvP videos don't show that.
2. Music sucks
3. You were doing PvE in it
4. lol Alliance
5. Hi
If you dont keybind all of your stuff, than you won't get any better at this game. Yes, you can keybind all your spells. use shift and alt. Also take 's' off backpeddling and use that as a keybind.

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