Leatherworking sucks on all fours

It may work for people leveling up a toon slowly. But for the other 99% of us who are going back to lvl it up after maxxing out lvl or RAF or changing to it for what ever reason, it takes WAY too much effort to lvl. I have maxxed out all professions on each of my toons except for LW. It requires way more mats than any other profession and isn't useful in any way until it is maxxed. Why is this profession so neglected by Blizz?

I can go and max any profession from the AH except LW. I can max skinning in like an hour or two. It's like skinning is always on hold waiting for me to grind out ten thousand leathers for me to catch leather working up to it. Then 20 mobs later.... skinning is on hold again. Kill 50 skinnable mobs... make 2 pairs of pants and repeat.

Engi, chanting, every other proff, you can make stuff useful to you. Not skinning, everything is 30 lvls below you. you can never make anything useful til maxxed out. But then, you run one dungeon and get something better.
It requires about the same amount of materials as Tailoring does.

The leather is also currently dirt cheap on my server. I picked up like 30 stacks for 80-100g a stack.
LW does seem to be annoying at lower level. My mother took LW on her hunter and she is doing more killing for skinning than questing just to barely have her LW fit to her level.

I have been levelling alchy and inscription recently and neither has the same issues pre-BC content.

I would not recommend LW for a spit new player with noone to buy the excessive amount of leather/scales needed for them. I'd recommend inscription, enchanting and alchemy in a split second.
Heavy, rugged and knothide, all walls. Tailoring has one really rough spot and that's frostweave but the rest of it is much easier. Sometimes you just can't buy that stuff and I pity a poor player on their first time through who doesn't know any better and picks LW.

And farming leather is the absolute worst gather in the game especially now.
You can't leveling slowly, you will get rep from killing for skinning. Unless you desire to stuck at level to keep intact with your leatherworking and skinning grey mobs for hours.
I have leveled several LWs and LW sucks at all levels but especially at low levels. The mats required are so massive that you must spend all your online time farming leather if you want your LW to be level appropriate, forget about doing dungeons or questing because you will swiftly outlevel your LW ability.
Also WTH is with the lack of LW bags for the PAST 2 EXPANSIONS????!!!!! LWs are too be stuck with 28 slot LW bags for the foreseeable future? Nice....and that 28 slot bag pattern is a northrend rep pattern to boot... very nice.... :(

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