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Wyrmrest Accord
I'm looking for a Horde PVP Guild (hence the title). I realize that this server is RP oriented, but I'm sure there are still some guilds out there with a focus on PVP. I'd prefer a guild that does PVP activities later in the evening. I typically get off of work around 7:30 ST, and that's usually my best time to play. Some times I get off later/earlier, schedule is not exactly stable.

I'd hate to have to transfer of WRA just to look for a PVP. I know people will say, "Why not go RP-PVP?", but my experiences on those servers have not been that great. The RP element is non-existent, and World PVP tends to just be built around what a select few "server celebrities" deem worthy of time. I've always liked the atmosphere on WRA and would like to stay.

I'm looking to go Elemental, as I have little to no experience as Resto, and I spent most of Cata as Enhancement (kind of bored of it). So, if there are any PVP late night guilds out there looking for some burst range damage, let me know!
<---- Shadowhaven. Contact us in game or this link for more info.


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