Secondary Professions Account Wide

Is this gonna be a thing in the future?
I could live with it, fishing alone takes forever!
As a player who has decided to drop my old main and use my "alt" as a new main, I support this idea. I'd like to be able to cook, fish and do some archeology on this toon, but can't stomach the idea of leveling those three up from 0.

If only my old main's progress could carry over.

But if it doesn't, I'll live. I guess it's time to go tool around the lowbie zones.

OK, just read the rewards for being friends with Nat ... hmmm, 50 points per book, at 1000g per book ... is it worth dropping 12,000g to insta-level my fishing??
i SECOND this...leveling cookinf & fishing for the 3rd time...BARF!!!!
considering they made mounts pets and achievements ntm everything i forgot to mention secondary professions should also be account wide. if you think im leveling archology again your flipping nuts. why should i level first aid or cooking on every toon i have(and i have alot) fishing i been leveling from 1 off the anglers dailies. if it wasnt for those thats another profession id never level a 2nd time.
Why exactly do you need secondary professions (aside from First Aid) on your alts?
10/07/2012 11:52 AMPosted by Goliath
Is this gonna be a thing in the future?


By the way, Blizzard's way of doing this already exists in the game. You pay 1000 gold for a book that raises fishing, with the max that however many books can raise that characters fishing to being 600.

If they planned to make secondary account wide, putting in such a book would not make sense (you'd be max skill by the time you could buy the book.)

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