Dire beast vs. Thrill of the Hunt vs. Fervor

Been seeing almost all hunters use dire beast or thrill of the hunt over fervor, but I can't seem to grasp why!

Based on my experiences from 85-90 and doing heroic dungeons/etc., this is basically what I've seen as the pros/cons for each one:

Dire Beast:
+ Damage over time that is improved by mastery (for BM hunters)
+ Slow & steady focus regen
+ "Readiness" means two beasts
- Triggers global cooldown, which means your missing out on using another ability/shot everytime you use this.
- Dire beast is affected by your hit/expertise, which means he probably won't hit everytime
- Don't get any benefits if your target dies early or if your dire beast has to switch/run to targets
- Doesn't give nearly as much focus as fervor (dire beast would have to attack 20 times in 15 seconds to get the same focus as fervor; it feels like it only hits about 7-10 times though).

Thrill of the Hunt:
+ It's passive, so one less button in your rotation
+ Procs quite a bit, giving you MANY free arcane shots & essentially saving 20 focus for each free arcane shot
+ Really shines when your spamming multi-shot (especially if your also using Bestial Wrath)
+ Probably saves you the most amount of focus of the 3 talents
- Besides conserving focus from reduced arcane/multi-shot costs, doesn't really help generate focus for your expensive abilities (kill command, explosive shot, etc.)
- Requires you to use arcane shot/multi-shot a lot, which means less time for using other abilities (e.g., serpent sting may need to be reapplied if you can't keep it up)
- Not getting the full benefit if your using arcane shot in bestial wrath (arcane shots only cost 10 focus then, but your shooting them for free = only saving 10 focus instead of 20)

+ Doesn't trigger global cooldown
+ Benefits both you AND your pet
+ Gives you instant focus in addition to sustained focus regeneration
+ "Readiness" also resets fervor, allowing for LOTS of focus in a short-time period
* Not really any downside to Fervor that I saw, other than having to work an extra cooldown into your rotation (but since it doesn't trigger global cooldown its easy to manage)

Fervor seems to be the way to go, with thrill of the hunt coming in a close second and dire beast in third. Maybe I'm missing something here, because I don't see any hunters using Fervor while I see a lot of hunters using Dire Beast. Feel free to comment!
I keep gravitating back to Thrill for the fact that it procs a lot and it's passive. Yes, you fire for free when Wrath is up and it procs at the same time, but you should be using other focus-spending abilities like KC or maybe even multi-shot if it applies to the situation. In my case, I have blink strike as well, so I'm not really at full focus for very long when Wrath and this ability procs at the same time.

Dire Beast focus generation seems very underwhelming and I don't like the CD on Fervor.

I'm sticking with Thrill for now.
From what I've experienced using all three it's not even close. PvE is thrill of the hunt, and PvP is fervor. Dire Beast is significantly less focus than the other 2 and does negligible damage.
I went with Thrill simply because I have no room on my bars for yet another cooldown.
I go Thrill mostly for aoe (Barrage + Thrill and Explosive trap=omg 200k+) and Dire for single target, I like the slow and steady focus regen...so that plus my cobra shots are more than enough focus to keep me going. I used to have Thrill for both but I ditched because I got tired of spamming Arcane shot and Explosive shot so many times lol
I may try Fervor later on though, I never notice myself Focus starved so I've never seen to point in taking it.
For the record though, my Dire Beasts do a decent amount of damage, coupled with the slow and steady focus regen that I like :)
I believe people take dire beast because it sims higher dps because of the damage from it. Dire beast also scales with haste and I believe it gets another attack in at something like 9% haste(don't quote me exactly, just go check ej yourself). I'm not sure why bm hunters would take TotH unless it's possibly to improve their aoe.

As an SV hunter I use TotH because:
-It's 1 less button to press
-it provides short term burst on adds through the ability to spam arcane shot
-On the off chance I've messed my rotation up and Serpent sting drops, I can reapply it cheaper with multi shot
-I don't see the negative of it not providing focus, you almost always have enough focus to use any ability, just don't use all your energy and save about 30 for explosive shot, or more if other abilities are coming off CD too.
-Dungeon aoe with it as survival is boss

Fervor seems ok but even off the gcd, it's one more button to press as macroing it to other keys would probably just result in focus capping and wasting it.
Well for BM, dire is the way to go due to it getting benefit from Mastery. For SV, ive seen both TotH and Dire. Dire seems to sim higher but TotH is awsome for AoE phases.

Dire Beast focus generation seems very underwhelming and I don't like the CD on Fervor.

I'm sticking with Thrill for now.

Fervor only has a 30 second CD. That is a pretty damn good deal all considering.

I could see TotH maybe edging ahead if you are lucky and in a long raid fight but for PvP and questing/leveling, I don't think you can go past Fervor.
I must be different, because I've used fervor for PvE and PvP and can say that it's increased my dps a GREAT deal compared to thrill or dire beast, especially on fights where I switch to adds fervor is the best !@#$ ever math may say otherwise but it will always come down to what actually fits for the spec you're playing..and for me fervor is the best considering it's off the gcd and it's a guranteed 50 focus and 50 over time, while thrill could proc and it couldn't.

Just my thoughts and what has been great for me thus far.
I go with thrill only because I can't afford to bind another ability.
10/07/2012 12:04 PMPosted by Seaweeds
"Readiness" also resets fervor, allowing for LOTS of focus in a short-time period

Pointless though, since with your CDs popped you don't need the focus anyways. (you generally use readiness at the beginning of a fight after popping all your cds, as soon as BW ends to do it all over again)

10/07/2012 12:04 PMPosted by Seaweeds
Dire beast is affected by your hit/expertise, which means he probably won't hit everytime

Only if you aren't capped, in which case... shame on you.

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