Just want to say gj blizz with the raid

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Had a chance this week and get into magu'shan this week and downed the first 4 (well i killed the 3 and 4th and guild killed first 2 on tues). But anyway just wanna say its first time in a while that i had fun on normal. The bosses were all a nice challenge, none were faceroll, the whole area and trash/boss art is absolutely beautiful, and as a healing priest on main they were extremly fun to heal.
All the fights required mana managment, cd rotations,GTFO THE FIRE, and all that fun stuff. Anyway servers are down and i'm bored so thought i take a min to say GJ and keep up the good work :)
We only did 4/6 in a couple hours and I thought the raid was fantastic.

A decent step above the encounter quality of T11 (which I thought was great, despite the bugs) with the advantage of actually having a very nice looking instance.

I liked T11 don't get me wrong, but BoT and BWD didn't look all that amazing. Mogu'shan Vaults however looks absolutely stunning.

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