Anyone else hyped for XCOM: Enemy Unknown?

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For anyone who isn't familiar, XCOM is a reboot of an old turn-based strategy game about an international organization that fights off alien invasion that is made up of two parts: the first, customizing and developing your underground base while making difficult decisions about what to research, what countries to protect and how to build your teams, and the second, taking your squad on missions to actually combat the aliens in tactical turn-based combat.

All in all, it's a great-looking game with a lot of emphasis on constantly making difficult decisions, always having too much to do, and a lot of strategic depth. It's from the makers of Civilization, who are great at that sort of thing.

I'm going to do Classic Ironman to start with. [Classic is old XCOM difficulty, Ironman saves after every action so you can't savescum]. I want to do Impossible mode eventually, but only after I've learned about the game, because even the developers said it can be frustrating as hell.


Here's a vid or two for anyone curious:

Casualty Trailer:

Interactive trailer:
I will wait. It sounds like a great game, but right now my turn-based strategy fix is Civilization 5. Note this also made the preorder bonus weak for me since I already own Civ 5 + Expansion.
Looking foward to it immensely. XCOM: UFO Defense was one of the all-time greats in computer gaming (and I still have my PSX version in the original Saturn jewel case). What I've seen of the remake seems to do the original justice in about every way with all the improvements of a modern game.

I had a heckuva time making the call between 360 and PC versions, but went 360 on the pre-order. Needed another couch game, and this was it. Also, I played the original on the PSX, so figured it was appropriate to stick with the whole console schtick on this one.

The only issue with it is going to be finding time to play it with WoW, BL2, ME3 MP, and Dishonored shipping the same day it is. It was not a fast paced game and a campaign could easily last a month or more. Time, time, ask me for anything but time...

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