Dancing Steel

Does anyone on Alliance have this enchant yet?
I will have this enchant on Wednesday October 17, possibly a few days sooner.
I started leveling up my warrior (bs/ench) specifically because I'm not seeing the good enchants available yet.

That plus the rep grind...bleh. And to make it worse I hate my warrior! At least I can dungeon run my way to 90 on him. Seems to be quicker than questing.
Anyone have this yet?
Midwinter guild has this enchant.
We actually don't, we got it from another server. Hopefully soon though.
I saw a scroll up for 5k at 11:15 server but I missed the buyout, stupid mobile AH. I have the mats for 3 scrolls and the ethereal shards for another 2.5 scrolls.

Anyone who gets this, I am tipping 1.5k a scroll and for any enchanters in general I am tipping 250g per Sha Crystal CD. Whisper or mail me in game.
Update: I know who has it now, snagged one for 6.5 K.

I also have these enchants, and every other available enchant in the game.

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