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This is frustrating!

I hit 90 about a week ago with the intentions of doing great, like I normally do. But none of this makes sense to me! At first, I thought maybe it was because it was new and I just had to get used to the new rotations but I can't seem to grasp it. For either Frost or Fire. I know how to AoE with Frost and that's about all I've discovered. I've played Fire since Wrath and know the basic priority list but it's just not happening. /sigh. So without further adue, here are some of the causes of my confusion.

1. Alter Time. I messed with it a little bit and found out that it could give me an extra pyroblast proc but is that all? =l

2. Stat priorities. Fire - Int, SP, Hit, Crit, Haste, Mastery. Frost - Int, SP, Hit, Mastery, Haste, Crit. Or did that change too?

3. Rotations! I have some idea of the frost one. I generally try to evocate before the tank pulls (even though that is extremely frustrating when I evocate and the tank just stands there for 30 seconds). I open with a frost bomb, pop my CD's, do a couple of a frost bolts, then use the frostbolt proc, use the ice lance procs, do frost bomb, then start over. Is this wrong so far? And what about the evocate proc, do I need to keep it up throughout the fight?
I also use deepfreeze on cd.

Fire...-WHOOSH- Right over my head. I know the priorities. First, I put the rune on the ground, preferably before the tank pulls. Then I cast living bomb, use fireball until I get a heating up proc. Then I use Heat Blast (Or whatever they changed that fireblast spell too) for the guranteed crit, then use pyroblast. Combust if ignite is up. Fireball x95, keeping up living bomb the entire time. It's been pretty standard since...ever. But it's not working. It's worse than not working...it's actually hurting. My ego. A lot. Any ideas?

I'll cut it short from there, because my main question was on the rotations anyways. And before you say something about it, yes my gear is out of order. I have several difference cogwheels because you can't have more than one on a character a time. I'm trying to replace the dragonling trinket. The Metagem is there because the correct metagem is still like 3.5k on my server and it's not worth it because I dont meet the gem requirements anyway. Not everything is enchanted because it needs to be replaced my heroic gear. Yes, this is the most obvious effect on my dps but I still feel like I should be pulling more numbers than I currently am. With fire...I'm lucky to get above the tank. With frost, I'm up there but...not where I want to be.

I also didn't reforge for hit because I'm only doing heroics at the moment.
I tried Frost and just didn't like it, never been a big fan of pets, so I can only give you advice from the Fire spec side.

First while you only may be running Heroics the hit cap in there is 12%. At 6.5% you have to be missing and could very well be missing with some of your larger spells. If you're gonna try Fire make sure and reforge out of mastery and into hit. You can even reforge some haste out if you need to if it gets you closer to the hit cap.

For multi pulls make sure and spread your LB after you cast it to get the dots to start ticking. IMO Alter Time really works well if you replace Scorch with PM. With Alter Time you want to use it when your trinket procs and you have heating up ready. Cast IB for the Pyro proc then cast AT. Fire off the instant Pyro then PM for a second one. If you get lucky you may get a third off crits. When AT is done cast Pyro again and PM/Pyro again then combuste. Doing this should get you some pretty big ticks.

Remember to use Combustion as often as possible. I know that sounds silly but lot's of mages just sit on it till a boss comes out and you're losing a ton of DPS by not using it on multiple mob pulls. If I rember correctly Combustion resets FB so you can spred it right after you cast it.

You're an Enchanter so you really should enchant your gear as you go. Quests alone give us more than enough mats to do some kind of enchant on every piece we have for minimal cost.

Edit: And don't forget to eat. I know there are two types of food that give you either a +hit or +crit "well fed" bonus and you should always start a run with one of them. If you're not at the 12% cap then the +hit one is a no brainer.

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