Sha of Anger possibly bugged on some servers

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Hey everyone, I've noticed what appears to be a bugged respawn for Sha of Anger ever since the hotfix on my server Bleeding Hollow. After deciding I wanted to wait to kill it for the week, I waited from 11 pm to 7 am and 11 pm to 3 am the next day both without ever seeing it spawn. On top of this according to players I have asked it not only didn't spawn in those lengthy times but didn't spawn when I was offline as well.

I have read from other players that since the hotfix the Sha of Anger is spawning as frequently as once an hour, which is leading me to believe not every server is effected by this bug. If you could, please let me know if you have experienced any issues with the Sha of Anger spawning on your server, or even if the spawn is functioning correctly. I'd like to know how many other servers may be experiencing the same problem mine is.

I also submitted a GM ticket and received a helpful response directing me to post here, and informing me that if it is bugged it should be fixed during the weekly maintenance. While that is good news, that is also when raid lockouts reset, which would mean that I would miss out on the Sha of Anger for this week. Considering it is a pretty major possible gear step for progressing into the new raids, that's no small blow to many players. Realistically I don't expect Blizzard to be able to compensate for this since it is not as if every player was unable to kill it (before the hotfix). However I must express myself disappointed if it doesn't spawn for me Monday and I must miss out on an important chance for loot.
Appears to be the same on Frostmourne.

No spawn for 5+ hours and can't find someone to confirm one within 24hours before that.
Blizzard hotfix. Fixes something, breaks 5 more things.
After scouting for information, my server is claiming that it spawned around 3 hours ago, and that the respawn has since fixed after the restart this morning. Currently camping to confirm and will update.
Have been capping sha for 3 hours now not sure if it hasnt spaqn or is bugged last confirmed kill was 10:07pm it is now 1:44am no clue what's going on. Read a foeum that said sha of anger 2-5 hours now but idk
Currently on my fourth hour with no sight of Sha. Either still bugged or just on the long end of the rumored 2-5 hour respawn. Will likely go run dailies while I hand over the scouting to someone else for an hour and then come back. Not sure how long I'll stick around tonight.
seems to be broken on Illidan as well.
10/07/2012 10:11 PMPosted by Problim
Blizzard hotfix. Fixes something, breaks 5 more things.

Prefer everyone in cities dying over not being able to kill one boss?
Just hit fifth hour with again no sign of spawn. I"m heading to bed for the night. I'll resume my camping in the morning, hopefully with better results. I absolutely must get this done before reset.
Resumed camping at 3:30 est. Server claims he spawned roughly six hours before then. He may not be bugged to the point of not spawning, but we are definitely seeing abnormally long spawn times on our server. I am off today so I will be camping from now until it spawns.
8 pm now. Four and a half hours with no spawn. 10 and a half if the statement made about the last spawn time was correct. Spawn point ended up having elite mobs appear with sha of anger buff. When players converged believing it to spawn soon the server crashed. When we got back on the mobs were gone, common belief is that spawn time may have reset.
Finally spawned at 9pm est. From my own watches a 5 and a half hour respawn. If listening to player rumor than an 11 and a half hour respawn. Glad I killed it for the week but this definitely needs fixed next reset.

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