Can't Train Formula: Magic Lamp as Pandaran?

Bug Report
I am unable to learn the formula for the Magic Lamp companion. I bought it with the 20 dust, meet the requirements to learn it, but I fail learning it with the following message "The spell is not available to you." I could not find this issue on wowhead, the official forums, or any other sites, which makes me think it's not as widespread and is likely due to being a Pandaran (which can be both horde or alliance). Is the faction-checker broken for this?

Can anyone else confirm this?
Yeah, I race changed to Pandaren yesterday and tried to learn the recipe today and I got the same message. I remember this happening with goblins/worgen and the motorcycle schematics.
yep cant train this as a panda
yep, I had already learned this recipe when i was bloodelf, but now after race change it's gone from my spellbook and I can't learn again, showing the error that "is unavailable to me". Please fix it.
Bumping thread. Confirmed that this is still an issue. This is racism!! ;p

Not listed in the known bugs thread for MoP.

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