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Emerald Dream
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Seyahat pours herself a Cup of Kafa and sits down on the steps of the shack that's been serving as her sleeping quarters here on the farm she's beginning to think of as her own, and watches the night fade into morning. All her sleeping and waking hours are turned around since coming to Pandaria. She's drinking less, too, she's noticed. Her head feels clear more often now than it once did.

The little yellow dog that followed her here looking for something to eat pads over to her and nudges his nose under her free hand, and she obligingly rubs his ears.

"I need to find something else to call you besides 'dog'," she murmurs to him. He hasn't revealed his name yet; she thinks he may not know it himself. Little lost creature just looking for someplace to rest, someplace to call home. She snorts at herself and scratches his muzzle. "You and me both, dog."

She'd only meant to help these people long enough to convince them to join the Alliance, to show that her people and their people have more in common than theirs with the races of the Horde. But something else had happened...she'd helped them, yes, and continues to. But they're helping her as well. She hadn't expected that.

Dog settles down beside her and she rests her hand on his flank. The war seems to have barely touched this small plot of land -- here, her hardest battles are to keep the virmen and plainshawks off her crops.

She could be happy here.

If only she could stay.

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I need an invite on revealz. I miss you guys.
Lith reclined in one of the chairs in the Raven. It was that awkward time of the early morning where all the nocturnals had gone to bed, and everyone else had yet to rise to greet the day. She wasn't in her formal robes, simply in a pair of dress slacks and a white t-shirt, having tried to sleep and found once again that she couldn't. A little kitten made of pure sapphire sat curled on her lap, it's jeweled form humming lightly with the enchantment that animated it. It let out an almost ethereal mew, and Lith's eyes drew towards it a moment.

She hummed, and stroked it's cool, solid ears. Somehow, it managed a purr. What a curious little thing the trinket was. It rolled onto it's back and swatted playfully at her hand, little tiny sapphire claws extending from i's paws. "I'd kill to know how you work." She murmured, giving the strange thing the benefit of the doubt and letting it paw and play with her hand for a while.

It was a strange thing. Did it feel enjoyment, from this play? Did it have feelings? Or was it just programmed in some weird arcane manner to do these actions, to mimic a real cat? Lith felt a distinct affection for the little scrap of gem already, but she wasn't quite sure if she could get attached to something that wasn't able to be attached back. With a thoughtful hum, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. "I don't think I will, though, cat. Maybe a smaller enigma is what I need in my life. Too many big ones lately." She chuckled, and the little blue kitten let out a simple 'Mrrrrrrow' of amusement in response. Huh. What a strange little thing, indeed...
No one mind the mage frozen in the fountain outside. It's to.. erm.. scare the crows away. Yes, that's right. Can't have them eating our bread. Of course.

((Your site seems to be hilarious, but down at the moment. Is there a level restriction?I plan on starting fresh on ED soon.))
((There shouldn't be a level restriction, and as for the site it's probably better to just contact any of the officers once you make the toon. Araane should be pretty easy to get a hold of, via in game mail or whispers once you do.))
Varlonde, Welcome home. I would of course love to throw DV's hat in the ring. Since you're already familiar with all of us.

Besides, we all know the only thing Aarane is good at is disappearing into a portal right before she dies in WPVP.
Besides, we all know the only thing Aarane is good at is disappearing into a portal right before she dies in WPVP.

I am notorious for doing this, yes.

Vinosec, our site is down due to, indeed, truly hilarious circumstances, but we will have a new one very shortly. There is no level restriction and new recruits have simply been getting interviewed in the mean time. I look forward to seeing you on ED, on either side <3.
Rett - I thank you. Indeed DV holds friends and great memories. Having never worn the tabard or fought by your side does weigh on my mind so know I have not made my final decision yet.

Araane - Thank you for your help as always. I'll keep in touch and look forward to a reunion in due time.

I definitely have some thinking to do. The Horde has always treated me well but deep down I miss the Worgen that once was. That said, my furry past endured enough damage to leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

Thank you both for your warm welcome and I look forward to seeing you both soon, in one way or another.
I am usually not one to promote embracing your furry side but....I must make an exception here.

I am usually not one to promote embracing your furry side but....I must make an exception here.


As you wish, although I fear I have grown tired of my daggers. I'm trying something new.
See you soon-ishly.
As you wish, although I fear I have grown tired of my daggers. I'm trying something new.
See you soon-ishly.

I approve of this. Worgen are good people. Wolf. Things.
As you wish, although I fear I have grown tired of my daggers. I'm trying something new.
See you soon-ishly.

I approve of this. Worgen are good people. Wolf. Things.

:D LITH! We could get a dog to keep the kitty company!! :D :D :D

Shhh, don't tell Araane.... >.>

I approve of this. Worgen are good people. Wolf. Things.

:D LITH! We could get a dog to keep the kitty company!! :D :D :D

Shhh, don't tell Araane.... >.>

Seyaaa, that's dangerous. We'll have a zoo, soon...
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Let's do it.
Varlonde sat on the roof of the inn and sighed. He was expecting more of a challenge here, but saw only a few hardly armored humans, walking around in circles around the fountain. Those few, that had remained in Darkshire, do what they can to protect it but to him, they were no match for his blades. To him, they were fresh meat.

"Let's get to work, shall we?"

He grinned and jumped off the roof, landing near one of the guards. He licked his lips as he approached him, gripping his blades firmly. Just when he readied his attack, he stopped. He could sense them, watching him. Eyes. The same eyes he felt stalking him while on the rooftops. Just then, an elvish cry greeted him from behind and he felt a blade dig into his shoulderblade. He groaned and turned to face his aversary only to get clawed in the ribs by the giant paw of a bear. He quickly threw down a smokebomb and ran north hearing more battle cries from the town. As he made his escape he looked back to see a large group appear from inside the smoke.

"Dumb move Var, Dumb mo-"

He was knocked harshly to the ground and cried out, having landed on his open wounds. He looked up and glared at the grinning worgen, leaning on his staff. Just as he opened his mouth to cuss at him, he felt a calmness surround him. His body lifted off the ground and the great pain he had felt from his injuries disappeared. The worgen nodded at him as he lowered the Sin'dorei to the ground. Shocked, Varlonde was left speechless as he watched the beast approach the town.

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Vinozec grinned as he finished refamiliarizing himself with the town. Though it had only been a few years since he had left, much had changed in Darkshire. Besides the 2 familiar faces, the old order was no where to be seen and the corruption of Fel he had sensed was long gone. The fountain water actually looked refreshing to him for once. He slowly put his hand in and cupped some water towards his snout. He took a final sniff to be sure and washed his face.

He chuckled to himself and closed his eyes, whispering a prayer. He opened his eyes only to be greeted by a limping warrior, heading towards the inn. By the looks of the claw marks on her back, Vin knew it was the pack of Worgen nearby who were the culprits for the attack.

"Don't move." Vin said firmly. The woman turned around slowly and nodded, the markings on her face barely visible in the moonlight. He held out his staff and focused on her eyes before closing his own. As he opened his eyes, he saw her moving her arm freely with a smile on her face.

"Ishnu-alah" She said before bowing her head graciously and continuing her way inside the inn. The words stuck with Vin. He had heard them many times throughout his training in Darnassus. The Kaldorei had saved him and he will forever be grateful to them.

Vin sniffed the air and looked up. He saw a group of drakes hovering above, fully armored. He heard some orcish being yelled from them and let a howl to warn the others. A rush ran through him as the thought of defending the town like the days of old, awoke something inside of him. The sound of faint laughter was heard from above before they flew on, heading North. Vin sighed and head towards the inn.

He knew the group had spared Darkshire this night but that they would return. And when they do, he'll be ready.

Vin yawned deeply as he left the Tavern. It was nice to see and speak to so many new faces but it was only a matter of time before he found himself distracted and pulled away from the group. He did what he could to keep his mind clear but the apparitions haunted him.

One in particular, seemed to taunt him constantly. The one that made him leave the busy conversations that were going on inside. It was the one he hadn't been able to shake off since that one night. She had followed him to Darkshire and stood before him now, smiling at him with her motherly eyes from the fountain. Vin shook his head and turned to walk back into the Tavern but she stopped him. He avoided eye contact and attempted to step through her but couldn't.

"Away with you!" He growled before running off to the West, without looking back.

Lith leaned forward in her chair in the Raven. Most everyone else was out doing business before their event, but the priestess had recently gotten in her armor commission, and she was getting used to the new, heavy robes before heading out into the world. She raised herself up from her seat, stepping out of the tavern and into the square. The heavy, metal enforced robed clinked lightly as she walked, and mid-step she drew her dagger, leveling it to her collarbone in a light defensive fighting stance.

Unlike most priestesses from her background, she had always made sure to keep fit, ready for close combat if she absolutely had to.. and recently her visits to the Isle of Thunder had made her realize the need to defend herself when her power faded was still a very real concern.

She twisted lithely, making a couple of defensive counter-swipes with her dagger against some unseen enemy. Hunching her shoulders together, the heavy, metal plates clinked together, forming a protective barrier around her neck. She grinned. "This. This I like."

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