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I have not been active on this game in quite some time, just recently I have decided to come back to World of Warcraft. My question is do I absolutely need my game codes? I can still sign in to battlenet, I have not tried game yet because I have not re activated but if I was to be hacked or have account issues would the CD key code have to be given? I have moved since I played an things got misplaced :/

No, you don't need them. If Blizzard ever needs you to prove your identity for verification or security purposes, you can always send in a copy of a government-issued photo ID. So long as the name on the ID matches the one on the account, there shouldn't be any particular problems with the process (unless there's suspicion that the ID has been compromised, but that's entirely another kettle of fish).

So long as you can log into the Account Management webpage without issue, it's fairly likely that nothing untoward happened to your account - so you should be just fine to reactivate and go.
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Thank you for your help. Put my mind at ease on coming back :P

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