Lost and Found disappeared before I could...

Customer Support
...loot it.

I have a ticket in on it. I took screenshots of the achievement and the place where it was looted.

Do I need to post that to an internet picture site for verification or can Blizz look at my screenshots in my folder?

If you ensure that your ticket clearly states what you were trying to loot and the timeframe when you tried to loot it, we should be able to assist you Geeguspius.
You will want to make sure that information is in the in-game ticket. The forum admins here can not assist with in-game or billing issues.
Was it worded, that you didnt get the achivement?
That may be what flagged the canned response.. as GMs can not grant achivements manualy.

Now.. if this achivement, is triggered by AQUIRING an item.. then they could give you the item, if its confirmed that you can based on the logs, and that should trigger the achviement.
You should be able to reopen that petition - although I don't know if that is something a Game Master can rectify. I know some of those have had issues.

We also encourage you to post over in our Bugs forum for things of this nature so our QA folks can take a look. Pretty sure this one is known, but more details never hurt.
Oh ok, so you DID get the achivement, but were not able to loot the corpse for the item.

Again, its probably the word ACHEIVMENT that is triggering the canned responce.

I would re-open the ticket. Litteraly just say. At this time, this date, killed X, corpse disapeared did not get the item. Can i have it please.

SOmething like that, leave the achivement part out.
Did you do it as a new ticket? or re-open your old one?

Re-opened tickets, usualy get quicker responses. (regardless of the timer)
Meh same thing jus happend to me :( hopefully gm can help out

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