[H] 25M - 10/14H Daytime guild LF RDPS/heals

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Bump, into heroics!
bump for dead pixels!
Looking for a few good people who want to raid daytime.
Bump! Still looking for a Mage with experience in all normal fights and preferably some heroics.
Bump for heroic progression
Bump for yet more heroic bosses dead!
I'm just jazzed to be on the show.
fixed for typo!
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30th post!
Updated for current recruitment needs
I got me a chrysler. It seats about 20.
updated for progression and needs.
Bump it up for a dps with a tank spec!
Greatest ever guitar solo?
I'm gonna go off the board and pick Al Di Meola and Paco di Lucia - Mediterranean Sundance (Live San Francisco).

ok technically it's a duo.
Rosemary Shortbread with lemon zest icing:
blend 3/4 cup butter and 3/4 cup sugar (until creamy)
add 2 egg yolks (blend)
dash of salt, dash of vanilla
add finely chopped rosemary
gradually add 2 cups flour, careful not to over mix.

Remove the dough from mixing bowl and knead until you have 1 workable round.
Cut it in half then roll each half into a cylinder. Wrap in wax paper and chill in the fridge for at least a half hour (preferably longer).

Preheat to 350

Remove the dough from the wax paper and cut into medium/thin discs. Put them on a non greased cookie sheet and bake for ~20 minutes.

for frosting:
Combine powdered sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest to taste and desired consistency.

I recommend pairing this with an extra dry sparkling wine, preferably a cava or prosecco.
Bump for heroic MSV cleared! on to HoF :)
Bump for a good start in ToT with a strong roster and even stronger coffee!
Bump for ToT needs and progression.

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