[H] 25M - 10/14H Daytime guild LF RDPS/heals

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My wife makes weak coffee. Must get to the coffee maker before she does.
Now 4/12! Join Reviction today!
Looking for an off tank with a solid dps set.
Good morning server maintenance!
Bumping for progression and still looking for a DPS that can Off tank!
Bump! Looking for a tank /w offspec dps!
Bump! Looking for that elusive tank with a dps offset!
Bumping for a tank!!
Up up up Tank style!
Ok really you only have to tank 1 day a week, you can dps the other 2 days....
Up Up! Still need a tank!
Bump for 2 more bosses down today! Still looking for that tank peoples!
You want to tank? We want to talk with you!
Bump for 11/12 this week! I just started raiding with these guys this week and I have to say they're one of the most mature, friendly and skilled raid groups I have raided with. Brewmasters, Prot pallies and Guardians with dps OS who are ready to start pushing hardmodes with us on weekday afternoons shoul definitely apply.
Apply today! Ret/prot, wind/brew, feral/guardian
On to Lei Shen!
Normal cleared! On to heroic!
Apply today! Ret/prot, wind/brew, feral/guardian


12/12 now could use a half tank half dps for heroics www.revictionguild.org
bump it up
Bump for a tank!

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