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So not sure if it's an addon I have that causes it, IE gatherer maybe? But I will mine or herb farm something, get the XP, but the window doesn't pop up to loot it and the ore stays there. Any help?
this just started happening to me like 5 minutes ago

even with no addons enabled, which makes no sense to begin with because i've been leveling mining all day

cobalt nodes in dragonblight give me a skill point but the loot window doesnt pop up and i dont get anything from it, it disappears after about 15 seconds
I don't think that applies to me, I don't care if he responds, I want others advice/opinions. And when it gets knocked down to 5th page, sure, of course I feel like bumping. Hop off bro. @panda yea, friend of mine just got it too and he said he doesn't use any addons.
hold shift when you right click to mine it. Should auto loot
you honestly think I didn't try that? I shift click when I'm gathering anyway
I have auto loot on, so that doesn't fix it.
Edit: Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but when skinning and it shows orange(I thought orange means 100 percent to level, if not then disregard) it doesn't level my skinning but I still took the leather.
Skinning doesn't guarantee a skill point for an orange mob once you pass 300. That change was added with the launch of the Burning Crusade (when it became possible to pass 300) due to the higher number of corpses (including potential corpses) available to skinners as compared to herb and mine nodes for their respective gathering professions.

The two events are unrelated.
Thanks. I was rather concerned with it.

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