Spinning Crane Kick healing bugged?

The tooltip for SCK says it'll heal for about 7,200 per tick (dependent on gear obviously) and it does about 2,000 less than that. That's a pretty large deviation. Have any other Mistweavers noticed this, or is my tooltip bugged?
I believe it diminishes depending on targets hit, if you're getting that single target I'm not sure.
Unfortunately I'm getting it no matter how many people it hits. Single target or several people, over the course of the last several days it's consistently been doing 2,000 less healing than the tooltip states. I guess if I'm the only one getting this issue I'll just have to submit a ticket!
I would like an answer to this as well...
I'm fairly certain its safe to guess that it diminishes in effectiveness past 6 like a lot of other AoE heals do. I certainly notice during raids when I'm only in the melee stack (about 4 people) my heals are individually higher than when the entire raid is stacked up (all 10 of us) and the heals are smaller individually as it heals everyone.

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