[A] Blood DK LF Heroic Progression Guild

Hello Hyjal, I am currently on Anvilmar but am ready to x-fer. I am looking for a guild in need of a blood dk tank, pref main tank (not to crazy about dpsing but willing to) for semi-hardcore to hardcore heroic progression.

Back in Cata I was 5/8 heroic and decided to rest until MoP. I have Guild/Raid lead experience, I was a guild master and raid leader for almost 2 years here on Anvilmar. I already know the MV (mogushan vaults) fights inside and out. And of course, I do have a mic with ventrilo AND teamspek.

Currently (10/8/12) Item Level 464 Blood, Frost is still cata gear :P

I am looking to raid on late Fridays, Saturdays or mid-late day Sundays.
I live on the eastern US coastline, EST (+3 PST).

If you need to speak with me in-game feel free to add my battle tag: IG3T#1519, just leave the message saying "Hyjal Guild Recruitment" or something similar.

Just curious as to why the GM of a very large guild is looking to leave his guild?
Not leaving, passing it to an alt. Not much of a raid guild.

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