GC 25 6/16H Looking for Brew 5.2!

Guild Recruitment
GC Recruiting for 5.2!!!

<Graphic Content> of Madoran is looking for exceptional players to help fill out our core 25 man raid team. We are a very small, very close group of friends who enjoy raiding with each other and having fun. As you may have gathered from our name, we are an adult guild that sometimes has the tendency to get dirty. Never racist but rather crude sometimes, all in good fun of course...lol. We are dedicated to raiding and clearing heroic content but we also understand that this is, after all, just a video game meant as a source of fun, not drama and stress.
Progression: 6/16 (one kill in 10)

Classes Needed for the 25 Raid Team:
1 Mage
1 Feral Kitty
1 Ele Shaman
1 Holy pally
1 Lock (aff/demo)
1 Boomkin
1 Mistweaver
1 R. Druid
1. Brewmaster(offset plus)
1. Holy/Disc Priest
Min i level 490

***Even if your class is not on the class but you are an exceptional player, do not hesitate to apply, raid spots will be EXTREMELY competitive in MOP, and if you think you have the juju to blow our minds, get in touch***

** First week of new tier is "Hell Week", meaning as soon as servers live and we have a raid group to go in we go...Reg sch still applies for attendance, but this is a rush for server first and clearing. Will explain further in interview**

Raid schedule for MoP 25:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 8:00 - 11:30pm EST. (7pm till 10:30 pm ST)

**However, first week of raid openings are "hell week", where we raid as soon as we have a group on to go. Still follow set sch, but will be rushing for server firsts.

**Players with offsets are highly valuable.

What you can expect from us:

* Dependable guild that has been around for almost 6yearsunder the lead of the same GM.

* Flasks provided for guild raids if you help with the guild bank . Food due to farmville, will be discussed once everyone is implemented. BUT we do expect you to min and max, so you need to show up with BIS food.

* Social guild that always has people on mumble and in game before and after raids every day. We also play multi-ple games together: WoW, D3, Minecraft, etc etc.

* Leadership dedicated to pushing the guild forward whether it be through hard mode content or achievements.

What we ask from you:

* Punctual, skilled, reliable, dedicated and most importantly, a team player. This means due to no mass summons, your toon needs to be outside the instance 15 min before raid time.

* Geared enough to compete at a high level; achievements and experience of hard mode encounters in current (and older, where applicable) content. And be willing to grind your reps to obtain gear needed for raiding.

* Know your class inside and out. This means the ability to play your class to the fullest. If you have offset or raider alt, you are expected to be able to switch to that with little issue.

* Attend all raid nights on a regular basis, with no major recurring conflicts. Members are expected to bring their "A game" to raids every night, not take excessive AFKs, follow instructions, and so on. We do understand that real life does happen and take that into consideration, as long as you post in LOA forums and/or contact our attendance officer: Arthaschild.

* High situational awareness is essential; fight mechanics change and progression is entirely dependent on how quickly raiders learn to deal with the new challenges.

* A focus on progression. As a guild, we are always looking forward to where we're going next, not where we've been. If your goal is to farm old instances or "easy mode" bosses, this is not the guild for you.

* A sense of humor. We're largely uncensored or if you are offended from crude dialog, you will not feel comfortable here. No one under 17 is permitted.

*We expect raiders to take responsibility for themselves in raids. This means doing research on all encounters, being prepared, and owning up to your mistakes.

If interested please apply at : http://graphiccontent.enjin.com/home

Or get in touch with Pakserian, Kippers, Darkesniff, Tritonis, Naash....you get the picture 8)
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