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I know I can't be the only person using a large monitor. I also know I'm not the only adult (older eyes) playing WoW... (ignores snorts from peanut gallery)... so the reason for the tiny font in the Quest windows remains a mystery to me. Even more, the lack of a built-in interface adjustment feature boggles the mind. Then again... the older I get, the easier it is to boggle.

Regardless, 'Fonter' once worked to make quest window text legible, but it's not being maintained. Does anyone know of a functioning addon for this? Chat box text is NOT the issue- i'm talking about the text in the quest assignment windows, which is (go figure) essential to being able to follow the story lines.

Thanks very much in advance to all! :)
Unfortunately I've seen nothing more recent with fonter's functionality for default fonts.
You might try the fix on fonter that someone suggested:
Otherwise you're pretty much out of luck I think short of changing the UI scale or enlarging individual blizz frames in your UI using something like Fluid Frame or MoveAnything.
I too am frustrated with the lack of in-game UI adjustability. I just started playing WOW after playing Star Wars Galaxies for quite a few years, and was shocked that I couldn't adjust the fonts, resize the menus or map, or move any of the menu boxes to where I wanted them. You could do pretty much what you wanted to with the UI in SWG, and that had a small player base compared to WOW. Is there any particular reason as to why Blizzard hasn't done this?
Resizing element wise, there are addons to do this.
But purely for the purposes of providing bigger fonts for those with poor vision, disabilities, or simply bad combo of resolution and UI scale, it would be indeed cool to have a checkbox to do big fonts meaning a higher font scale for all elements so it's more readable. Kind of like those special books with huge fonts, or the large font setting in windows.
ty for the fonter fix suggestion! i've gotten it working, and will use that as long as it works! *HOPEFULLY* the devs will have pity on those of us vision-impaired wowheads, and put an adjusting function into the interface! :D
For anyone looking for another option, i've found that MoveAnything (addon available at curse) allows frames to be moved AND enlarged. Text enlarges with the frames. extremely handy. Since MoveAnything does get regularly updated, this is my current fix of choice. Happy Gaming- whether ye be a codger or a whippersnapper! :D

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