Looking for dedicated arena/RBG players

Shattered Hand

I'm trying to find some dedicated PVPers to form arena teams/RBGs with. I had no luck finding anyone since MOP started and the duel zone which was a good place to find ppl is now all f'ed up thanks to CRZ so I figured I might as well try the realm forum.

Basically I'd like to play with dedicated PVPers who want to do arenas/rbg almost every day. I'm looking for mature players who want to push for rating and practice a lot to improve teamplay and execution. I am not interested in doing only a few games a week to get point cap (which is all I've been able to find so far). If it was up to me only I'd play arenas non stop when I'm on.

So whisper me in game if you are interested. I don't care about past ratings/achievements, what I'm looking for are dedicated PVPers who enjoy PVP and want to improve every day by PVPing! I'd expect people to have vent/teamspeak/skype or other forms of voice communication and a full PVP set by now should be pretty standard. Being nice is a big bonus too :D
Hi Hyunkel, nice to see you again, how is Vard doing?!?!?.... come over to the darksideee
Hey there. Vard is doing great but he's pretty busy with RL stuff so he hasn't played WoW in ages. I doubt he'll come back to the game.

It's kinda sad to see the alliance side on SH right now, it feels so dead! Where did everyone go!

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