Make a transmog to this mask.

Anyone want to try giving a shot to make a transmog set for the helm [item="Blood Elf Bandit Mask" /] for a windwalker monk?
You need to type in the items number off of Wowhead.
For a valid transmog, check this head item:

Wowhead don't have a transmog set for it, so pretty much you'll have to search for matches among the leather sprites.
Isn't that mask a white item? As in unxmoggable?

Blood Elf Bandit Mask

Why yes! Yes it is!

Terokk's Mask However, this is the same item in looks and it's very easy to get :3
yeah ty guys lol. had no idea how the hell to get the name of the item to show up. and i have terokk's mask, but because i didn't know how to get the item to show up, i just figured id put what everyone knew was.... blood elf bandit mask lol
and yeah, idk, ive been looking all over for chest/leg/robe pieces and i cant find a single damn thing that matches at all....

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